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Paula Bouffard is a printmaker, pattern designer, and textile artist. Art and craft have always been a part of who she is. For as long as she can remember, she has been knitting, painting and making. She founded Touche textile as a creative outlet soon after she moved to the Gulf region, and now shares her work under her own name.

For her textile pieces, Paula prints her patterns by hand, and creates her own colors using natural dyes from plants.  Each piece is sewn one at a time with quality and durability in mind. Combining different techniques such as printing, piecing, quilting, and weaving allows her to maintain a low waste textile studio.

For her illustrations and surface work, she mostly collages, draws, paints and prints. She likes to bring the marks created using traditional mediums into the digital world and transform them into seamless repeat patterns.


Materials and surfaces are central to her process and are part of a larger conversation between shapes, colors and textures.  

Paula's aesthetics is deeply rooted in the majestic nature of her homeland, Quebec, Canada. Her designs are also inspired by her exposure to other places, especially Morocco and Turkey where she has family, and Qatar where she currently lives with her youngest son and husband. 



BigB Meetup 5.0  |  Celebrating Artists in Qatar  |  January 2020

The 5th edition of #BigB MeetUp celebrates the “Artists in Qatar” at Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassem Al Thani Museum. The event brings together 23 artists from 9 different nationalities at the Museum’s contemporary art space, The White Majlis.

Sustainable Art Exhibition  |  Future Vision 2019  |  October 2019

The Future Vision 2019 Art Exhibition showcases the work of international artists and creators. The aim of the exhibition is to highlight, analyze and conceptualize the vital importance of sustainability through various artistic techniques, mediums and expressions.

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